December 2015 ASC Minutes


Fort Worth Area Service Conference

Point of Freedom

December 6, 2015


Opening Readings

Serenity Prayer- Body

Service Prayer- volunteer

Traditions- volunteer


Purpose of ASC- Chair


Recognize new groups

Roll Call- Jennette -12 groups in attendance

Are there any groups present that were not recognized? No

Secretary Report-

Ask for changes to last month’s minutes-


Treasure Report- Treasure has resigned – Vice Chair presented report

FWASC Treasurer Report Dec2015

Bal Forward-                                           $689.58

Total Donations-                                   $5,507.38

Sub Total-                                 $6,196.96

Minus Total Expenses-                         $2,960.45

Subtotal-                                    $3,236.51


Available Bal-                                       $2,936.51


New Available Bal                                 $2,926.45*

*Matches With Online bank and Statement Recon after the audit



RSC donation                                      $1072.48

WSC Donation                                      $536.24

Crickett                                                   $97.00

ATT                                                       $94.69

Executive   Chair

Vice Chair



Treasure                                $5.00

RCM Team

Copies                                                   $53.40

RSC                                                       $27.00


Gas                                                       $217.70

Copies                                                           $5.46

Literature                                                  $175.00


Storage                                                       $31.48



Booth                                                    $100.00

Literature                                               $130.00


Literature                                               $300.00

Activities                                               $100.00

Bank Fee                                                $15.00


Sub- Total Exp.                                   $2,960.45


Group Donations

Arlington Group                                            $50.00

Back To Basics                                            $25.00

Broadway                                                   $120.00

Granbury Group                                    $100.00

24 HR Group                                           $50.00

Mansfield Group                                       $25.00

NA at the VA                                           $75.00

Stephenville                                            $50.61

Time to live                                           $140.00

Total Donations:                                   $635.61


DFW Service                                                $60.50

FWACNA                                             $4811.27

Total Deposit:                                     $5,507.38


RCM Report



Role of Zones Workshop Outline for general Service Meetings

This is a PowerPoint wanting to regroup our zones-

See attached*



Hello family let’s talk about Car! The Car is as a reminder the SZF will be in our back door in January Great opportunity for us all to show up and see what really goes on at SZF! I need to correct the dates as it is not the fourth weekend but the fifth weekend, Jan 30-31, 2016 at Town East Group in Mesquite. This is the place to be! Also we need to start pre-registering for REGIONAL ASSEMBLY on Feb 26-28 2016 this would be the perfect time for al to learn and understand what the CAR is asking from our members. Every member has a voice and this is how we get our voice. We cannot complain about decisions made if we do not participate@ This year’s registration for the Assembly is as follows: for the whole weekend including bed- $40 of just for the day (no bed) $10 Registration flyers are on the table and emailed. Please pre-register at all possible. It may be necessary to ensure we have enough beds reserved for all in attendance. We are collecting now! I have registrations here and we can do this today! Please encourage you home group members and sponsees to be there! Man of us will be going to the Red Bud Group Saturday night for the birthday night.

LSR convention meetings for this year are as follows:

December 20th Regional Service Office

January 24th Final Walk Thru

February 28h Hilton

March 13th Regional Service Office

RSC chair has received a written resignation from Andrea K. – CAC –ODD. The CAC-Convention Administrative Committee consists of 3 members from the BOD (Board of Directors) and 2 RSC Members which are the CAC _ Convention Administrative Committee- Odd and even years. She will not be serving on the convention for the 2016-2017 year. She has spoken with the CAC and that have questioned that Kahle B. From Dallas area assist with the remainder of the 2015-2016 convention. Andrea held the position of Secretary on the convention. The RSC Facilitator, has appointed Kahle B. to complete the 2015-2016 term for the convention. Please be sure to bring a nomination to be elected at the January 2016 RSC.


Open Forum

Subcommittee Reports

  1. Activities- Absent

2 ASO-BOD- present

  1. FWACNA- deactivated
  2. Helpline- absent
  3. H&I- present
  4. Literature- open
  5. Newsletter- open
  6. Outreach- present
  7. PI- present
  8. Web Service- open


PI Subcommittee Report for December 2015

This subcommittee met on 11/8/15 at Step One, The meeting started at 3:30pm and there were 7 members present with group reps from NA East, Hope Group, and 24 hour Group. I have made contact with the treatment center in Stephenville called Summer Sky and I am waiting to hear back from their director about their wants and needs for Narcotics Anonymous. I do not believe the parole presentations are being followed thought with at his time. The same member that was the previous helpline chair was conduction those previously. I have attempted to contact the Parole Supervision department and have left a message with them and have not heard anything. The CPS presentation is not being conducted at this time. If you have at least a year clean and are available on Wednesdays at 10 am for this presentation please attend the next subcommittee meeting. Due to medical issues that have come up with my Mother I have not had the time to redo the PI booth yet. If this body allows it I would like to get that completed by next area. That was something I was excited about and have not had the time to attend to. Bob N from the 24 hour group printed our meeting schedules this month at no cost. Thank you BOB! Lastly, as my term comes to an end I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve this Area and to grow. I truly believe in the spirit of rotation in service work and I have come to believe that on position at a time works best for me, I love this fellowship and this area. Don’t give into what everyone else believes Find out for yourself, encourage others, and be the change you want to see.

In loving service,

Leslie L.



Outreach Report-

Subcommittee met on November 19th at NA East 7pm. Group present were NA East and prison steppers, with a total of 4 members present.


All meeting and PNS meetings were meeting; Dec meetings are set as per flyer.


Items discussed were the need to promote more attendance at supporting groups, we have a flyer for each group to put up o promote unity and invitee more people to get Involved please display this at your home groups. We as that you have your chairs at meetings to announce posse trips and the need to help the newcomer at a struggling group.


Dallas Area Outreach will be joining us at Another Chance Dec 10th at 8pm as we continue to promote UNITY!


Dec 19 will be MEET AT THE TREE for simplicity’s anniversary, it will start at 9:30 downtown old South Pancake House to follow


We are still in need for people to come be of service at the Salvation Army on Wed night by chairing meetings. Contact Dusty, Trine M or Murray for more info. This is a once a month commitment. It has been my honor to be of service to the outreach as chair the last 2 years. Thank you letting me be of service to the area. It is my goal to continue to support this subcommittee as I have been taught, and to move on to new areas of service to the Fort Worth Area

Outreach Events for DEC:

Dec 5th– Arlington Group at 8pm

Dec 10th-Another Chance 8 pm- Dallas and Fort Worth outreach Joint Service

Dec 17th Outreach subcommittee meeting at NA East 7pm come help plan next month and be of service and eat some pizza

Dec 19th “Meet at the Tree: 9:30 pm come support Simplicity’s Group Event Down Town at the Square. Old South Pancake House to follow.

Dec 28th Weatherford Group at 7pm meet at step one at 6pm


Fort Worth Area Service Committee

Jennette F and I with Bobby A in attendance completed the audit of Compass Bank, Fort Worth Area account, on December 4, 2015

We made “numerous” adjustments to collect withdrawals and deposits that were not recorded correctly. A final reconciliation of ($10.06) was made to the balance the check book to the checking account.

As of December 4, 2015 check book and checking account are balanced.

In loving service,

Connie S.


H&I Report

12 in attendance- 4 Group reps

Right Step Men’s-Cody elected

Millwood Adult- Jenna Elected


Opening: LIT Coordinator

Vice Chair

All is well

In Loving Service,



Helpline Report

Email from Kay N:

I apologize that I will not be able to attend ASC today… I am finally getting to move after multiple delays & Murphy is still hanging out with us.

There is nothing to report for helpline. The bill is $82.30 (normally $90.00 there was a credit) the bill is due this Thursday, December 10th.

In Loving Service,

Kay N



*Break with body’s permission

Re-open meeting with serenity prayer

Passes the basket for hosting group

Are there any groups that came in late? – NO


Old Business-

Elections for all subcommittee chairs


Helpline: Cecil/Dusty





Outreach chair– Trina






Treasurer-Connie (24 hr group)

All in for Connie

Connie elected Area Treasurer for the Area

RCMA – Lanier

Lanier appointed RCMA until February 2016


There are other open positions that need to be filled.

Treasure ALT



















New Business:

Motion 9/29/2015


To chance, on page 10, Resignations, Involuntary Resignations (b)


(b) Absence (without explanation) from two (2) consecutive ASC meetings or from any four (4) ASC meetings during the year. In this event, the ASC will draft and approve a letter to be sent to the Trusted Servant. The Trusted Servant shall be allowed an opportunity for rebuttal upon receipt of the letter at the next ASC in accordance with the twelve Concepts. In the event the Trusted Servant chooses not to voice a rebuttal, they will be involuntarily resigned.


(b) Absence( without explanation) from (2) consecutive ASC and /or Subcommittee meetings or from any four(4) ASC meetings and/or Subcommittee meetings during the year/ In this event, the ASC will draft and approve a letter to be sent to the trusted servant. The trusted servant shall be allowed an opportunity for rebuttal upon request of the letter at the next ASC in accordance with the twelve concepts. In the event the Trusted Servant chooses not to voice a rebuttal, they will be involuntary resigned.


Concepts 3, 4, 5

-Hope Group NA


This motion is to help support a few GSRs that may not be able to afford to go to Regional Assembly the ability to go.
Intent: Guide to local services suggest that GSRs make 1 regional assembly per year. This is one is HIGHLY important. This is where we get involved to make decisions for the fellowship as a whole!  There are ideas involved in this CAR that will affect this fellowship.  We have a responsibility to have a voice. The only way these GSRs are going to get a good understanding of what’s coming to us is to be there!  We will need them to take info back to their groups and get the groups voice to me in a timely manner.

Traditions 1 and 4
Concepts 2, 3, and 4

Loretta J
Jennette F


Herman- “motion to give $250.00 for CAR to Loretta”



Motion passed*



Open Forum;

Time to Love

I’d like to produce and idea regarding FWACNA left over merchandise. Rather than selling those items, we store them and use them as gifts for newcomers- Ron

(Idea tabled) – Treasurer was told to perform an audit of merchandise first


Motion 1-

Immediately remove the Meet at the Tree event from the Fwana Calendar.


Motion 2- Revise policy in a manner that prevents future groups from posting events to the Area calendar when those events are tied to religious holidays or religious celebrations.


“To fulfill Tradition Ten our groups, service boards, and committees must exercise prudence in their public contacts”- It Works How and Why


“The idea that “anyone may join us regardless of… religion or lack of religion” is fiercely defended by our fellowship. Our members strive to be inclusive in the regard and do not tolerate anything that compromises the unconditional right of all addicts to develop their own individual understanding of a power greater than themselves”- Step Working Guide

Given that our shared experience is to exercise “prudence” when dealing with the public, and that our “members strive to be inclusive” in regards to allowing “all addicts to develop their own understanding of a higher power greater than themselves” my questions for our area committee is simple” Is having an event that is implied endorsement of a religious holiday a reflection of members striving to be exclusive? The word striving denotes a lot of effort. I wonder is just because our area is comfortable with the event and enjoys it, it feels it does not need to “strive to be inclusive” Our calendar is for public viewing. This flyer denotes a clear implied endorsement of Christmas which many believe is a Christian Holiday.

Step 11 in the Step Working Guide says the following “If members follow a spiritual path, and feel unwelcome in NA because of it, their recovery can be in jeopardy. We as members have a duty to encourage the spiritual explorations of other members…”

I would like to add that I have attended the Meet at the Tree and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I hope the event continues to happen as there is no doubt to me that the event is founded in love. However, this does not change the face that is it’s obviously a Christmas themed event., and as such, should be viewed the same as if it was a Meet At The Mosque celebration for Ramadan, or a Meet at the Menorah celebration for Hanukah. Id an NA group had a group mediation in a Buddhist Temple, should that event be put on the calendar for the public to see? Of course not. I don t see and difference in principle.


Traditions 1,5,10 Concepts 3, 6


Dusty- “the anniversary is not tied to a religious holiday. Also since that group is not here we cannot speak for them”

Steph “As a newcomer I can see how it can be confusing. Either way it is too late to take it off the calendar at this time.”

Herman “Take back to groups and bring next month”


*Serenity Prayer*


German “let’s take it back to our groups and bring it to the next meeting”






Events Around the fellowship:

Expect a Miracle– 16 Sweet years of Recovery Food, Fun, and fellowship. 1pm-12am Jan 9, 2016 Dinner will be served at 5pm.

137 S. Wilson Burleson, Texas 76020

2pm Speaker- Christie L from Expect A miracle

4pm Speaker Gwen P from RAW group

8PM Speaker- Orange J from Miracles and Solutions


Step One– New Year’s Eve Dance Party

Dec 31st– Doors open at 9:30

$5 Door and food donations

4213 Highway 377 Fort Worth, Texas 76116


Harvesting Recovery VI

Come celebrate the freedom of recovery with us

Speakers, food, fellowship & fun

Saturday December 12, 2015 1-7pm (setup @ 12)

105 W. Dallas St. Mansfield, Texas 76063



Broadway– Holiday Bash

Games, food, fellowship, & music

Dec 24th 4pm-1am

4311D Broadway Ave. Haltom City 76117


5pm-fun, food, and fellowship

7pm-guest speaker

8pm-fun, food and fellowship

12am-meeting and games


FW 24 HR NA group

3127 Race street Fort Worth, Texas 76111

Join us for Lunch around Noon and December 25.2015

Doors open at 10om on Thursday, December 24 and will remain open until midnight Saturday night December 26


FW 24 HR NA Group

3127 Race Street Forth Worth, Texas 76111

Speakers a 6

Dance, Midnight sparking Juice toast, Balloon Drop







Group Reports:


Arlington Group

Number of Members: 10

Average attendance: 20

Number of Average weekly Meeting: 21

Group Concerns: noon’s and 8pm meetings are struggling. Need more women to show up and sponsor these new-comers

GSR -Clayton W


Mansfield Group

Number of Members: 25-30

Average Attendance: 15

Number of weekly meeting: 9

Group Concerns: Please support us next Sat for Harvest Recovery 1-7pm and on Thursday & Friday Noon Meetings


GSRA- Kirk


Another Chance

Number of members: 150

Average attendance: 20

Number of weekly meetings: 30

Group Concerns: Sat& Sun Noon Meetings are starting to expand

GSR- Rick F


Azle Group

Number of Members: 9

Attendance: 4

Average: 3

Number of weekly meetings: 6

Group concerns: Extremely low 7th attendance

GSR-Chandler B

GSRA- Amanda G



Number of members: 115

Average Attendance: 30-40

Group Concerns: Correction on flyer games from 8-12 then midnight meeting

GSR- Sally H

GSRA- Andy M

Expect a Miracle

Number of Members: 50

Attendance: 20

Number of weekly meetings: 14

Group Concerns Anniversary: jan 9 at party Saturday 109 Welllisson corner of warren st Bedford Texas

GSR- Cecil B


24 hour Group Fort Worth

Number of Members: 15

Average attendance: 10

Number of weekly meetings: 14

Group concerns: Need more support, membership, and people to chair meetings

GSR- Bob N


Granbury NA

Number of members 15

Average Attendance 6-8

Number of weekly meetings: 8

Group concerns: Continues support from FWANA and Outreach

GSR-Ross Mc

GRSA-Larry L


Step One

Number of members 200


Attendance 19

Number of weekly meetings 21

Group concerns NONE

GSR Scot S

GSR Thomas B


Hope NA

Number of members 12

Average 6


Number of weekly meetings 6

Group concerns None

GSR Open



NA East

Number of Members 40

Average Attendance 28

Number of weekly meetings 26

Group concerns- Chili fest on Dec 27th 2-7 Please come and support

GSR Bruce



Point of Freedom

Numbers of members 11


Attendance 12

Number of weekly meetings 7

Group concerns Trinity Area Discussion at Point of freedom


The Recovery Zone

Number of Members 12

Average 3-5

Attendance 5

Number of weekly meetings 7

Group concerns Women need help

GSR Beau



Time to Live

Number of Members 25-30

Average 15

Number of Weekly Meetings 15

Group concerns New midnight meetings need support SAT for Christmas, New Years and Christmas Eve


GSRA Murray T




Next ASC

Restore to Sanity

January 3rd 2016 @ 1:30pm