November 2015 ASC


NOV 1ST 2015


OPEN: 1: 40 pm









ROLL CALL: 15 groups present


FWACNA CHAIR motion to suspend the order of the day

Motion passed

Hello everyone

FWACNA IX was well attended this year and I hope everyone had a great time. I think we could have more participation if we did not have a fundraiser each month. People got tired of always giving money.

I think another thing was the negativity between a few committee members. If the committee complains about the committee members then others see and hear it and tend to take on the vibes. There was a lot of speculation this year. There needs to be a policy in place for FWACNA created and adopted. No policy was a big issue for us.

Individual committee responsibility needs to be clearly defined. This was the most challenging FWACNA I ever chaired. I believe that past members need to rotate in service positions. At times there were “to many chiefs and not enough Indians.” Merchandise needs to decide early on and schedule. More participation for ARTS and Graphics more ideas for entertainment. The place where I feel we feel short was following through. The shuttle was a great idea but I feel the HHT chair should have gone to pick up the van instead of sending someone else.

I want to thank all of the committee for all their hard work and dedication. There were times behind the scenes that everyone knew we began with our HHT chair having cancer and taking treatments. Personal things – divorce, death, illness and character assassination, we proved you can put on a convention and it be successful. No matter what, and we became unified in the end. Saturday night we had a newcomer call the Helpline & he was in the front row Sunday morning at the main speaker meeting. That was the HOPE shot. I want to thank the Ft Worth area for everything, including trusting me to fulfill my duties. At this time I am stepping away from all area & region service and focusing on my recovery, my sponsee’s, and my family, who have taken a backseat for quite some time.

I did celebrate 19 years clean on 10/26, largely due to a lot of you. I will pick up my medallion 11/14 @ Broadway ( my home group) @ 7 p,. If you can be there please come.

In loving service always

Traci R


FWACNA treasurer Report: It was an honor and a privilege to have been of service on this committee over the last year and several months. Although this body faced many challenges, differences of options’, and strong personalities (including my own). Our primary purpose of carrying the message throughout all of the pre- convention fundraiser & even more so during the convention was a huge success.

I would like to thank this body for electing me as a trusted servant for the convention treasure position. I would also like to thank all the groups that hosted our many fundraisers, the many individuals who came out to support those fundraisers, especially those that came out to the DFW Marriot to make FWACNA IX the huge success it was.

Finally I would like to thank my fellow FWACNA IX service family members for all that they did and gave up emotional, physically, and financially to make it happen.


Kelley W

Beginning Balance             $4,466.79

Deposit Pre Convention   $16,142.12

Deposit Convention only $18,495.40


Pre Convention                 $5,639.61

Convention only               $23,653.43

ASC Donation 11/1/15     $4,811.27

Ending Balance Seed$     $5,000.00


Discussion on bank issues on not to incur bank fees by Back to Basic GSR. Question was asked is all bills paid? Yes bills are all paid.

$5000.00 put into the bank as seed money for next FWACNA, and $4,800.11 donated to the Ft Worth Area, much discussion on what to do with left over merchandise, Jennette is going to ASO BIOD and bringing back information to be discussed at the next ASC.

Hope Group: Ask that we be prudent with our funds from FWACNA IX


Secretary Report: Our Secretary has resigned her position. Time to Live, Granbury, Arlington, and Mansfield did not receive the minutes. Contact list updated.




Treasurer Report:

Beginning Balance                              $   73.24


Group Donations                            $ 313.00

Unity Jam                                         $ 162.00

Anonymous                                    $ 333.00

Total Deposits                                  $ 881.24



AT&T (Helpline phone)                    $ (97.68)

.Monthly Bank Charge                $ (30.00)

RSC Donation

WSC Donation

Outreach Gas

Helpline Cricket

PI Meeting schedules                       $ (109.04)

Outreach literature

H&I literature

PI Literature



Total Expenses                                  $(236.72)


Ending Balance                                  $644.52

Less Prudent R                                   $ (300.00)

Available Balan                                   $ 344.52


This report has been reconciled to the bank statement & checkbook.

In loving service Kay N

Chair Report: – I am an addict and my name is Herman and this is my report for the month of OCT. I attended the subcommittees at Step One Oct 11, where they met and business was done and a message was carried.

Oct 18, I attended H&I business was done and message carried.

Oct 15, I attended Outreach. Oct 27th I attended 24 hr dinner and 8 pm meeting.

Oct.30th, I attended More Will Be Revealed Group Midnight Madness. I attended the Area Activity Halloween @ Back to Basics. Remember on the 7th of Nov the Area Art Show. I encourage all members come and be a part of for it is our responsibility to unify together and carry the message of recovery. With all said we always can use more support within our subcommittee.

One Last thing I apologize for not emailing the GSR (A) that the helpline chair has resigned his position.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service

ILS Herman

Vice Chair Report: Hello Everyone

I have attended the subcommittee at Step One. The Helpline Chair resigned his position with me, also the RCMA had to resign his position and policy also. All subcommittee chair are now open. Please take back to your groups.


Policy Report:

As of today the policy resigned his position. Jennette F is looking for a review in Feb 2016


RCM TEAM Report: RCM Team Report November 2015

Hello family! As you all know we attended the Region 51 Service workshops. There is a lot of information to come from that. We will need to break it up over the next few months. I will work on getting the info from the former RCMA as we did not attend all the same workshops!

We did attend the Naranon Cooperation not Affiliation workshop. Region 51 Naranon has created their first Region and have members sitting in on their world conference, and they have successful Naranon meetings all over the valley. They are looking at getting a BMLT (Basic Meeting Locator Tool) set up to help make it easier to locate Naranon meetings. One of the speakers said, “We all have to do our own journey, in our own time, and in our own way.” She realized, through the process of a relapsing husband, the needs for her own recovery process. She really is involved with their fellowship and sponsoring. They serve the same way and for the same reason that we do. They have the same passion in seeking their recovery as we do. The real question is what can we do to help Naranon in our area grow? Here is another quote for us, “Recovery flips reality upside down. What you think is real, isn’t necessarily so.”

Another workshop that was well attended was the “Judges, School Board, Department of Corrections. OH MY!” Many court systems are starting to understand that this is a disease and needs rehabilitation more than lock up. They have incorporated in their region some programs focused on cognitive thinking, social skills, and problem thinking. They are incorporating statistics that are proven to work. Therapeutic community is of the essence in these program. One of their programs targets offenders at the end of their sentence. It helps to reintegrate them successful into society. They know and believe that it is critically important that they partner with NA to be successful. The member representing the School Board is also an addict in recovery. As well all know, they are also experiencing chemical use from the teenagers in school. They are striving to be proactive by drug testing and providing access to councilors, instead of suspending them from schools. To follow are some things that they are asking from us to be a better resource for the court judges. They are suggesting that we actually go into individual schools to talk to the principals or assistant principals, to get literature and information in the school. If the school finds it may be needed, even try to get a meeting started at the school for them that way they may feel more comfortable around their own peers and not with all us older folks! LOL! They ask for us to mentor, develop resources and leaders, and ongoing meetings in order to have a place for them to go. Judges are asking for us to be patient with the ones being coerced by the courts to attend our meetings and verbally stating that they don’t want to be here. One judge suggested more gender specific meetings to be able to send the young ones to. We all remember what puberty was like! The question was asked to the judges, “ Where are we missing the boat?” The responses from the panel leaders was overwhelmingly powerful!!! 1. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the individual schools, not the district! 2. Volunteer at the schools. They do not have financial assistance to provide for this area in the schools. 3. Endure the process with the courts and be FULLY COMMITTED! Be patient for the security process. 4. Don’t let inmates pull on our heart strings! Set strong boundaries! 5. Step up for the Recovery Rallies. Now I am not personally sure how we get the info about these. As I always here about them after the fact. How do we get the information on these and get them out to our groups? 6. Provide more participation at the courts when and addict is waiting to be sentenced. Stand up for them in the courts. 7. BE A VOICE!!! We are to quiet! We just sit back and think we have no voice and can make no changes. We can help make changes by uniting and speaking up! Judges are not worried about a decision because of how NA is going to react! There are too many judges that do not believe this is a disease! We NEED TO STAND UP and SPEAK OUT! It’s time we show the courts we do have a voice and show up in numbers! For more information on drug court professionals, go to They ended the workshop with, “DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE OUR VOICE”.

AS A REMINDER, the SZF will be in our back door in January! Great opportunity for us all to show up and see what really goes on at SZF! January 23-24, 2016 at Town East Group in McKinney is the place to be! Also we need to start pre-registering for REGIONAL ASSEMBLY on February 26-28, 2016! This would be the perfect time for all to learn and understand what the CAR is asking from our members. Every member has a voice and this is how we get our voice. We cannot complain about decisions made if we do not participate! This year’s registration for the Assembly is as follows: for whole weekend (including bed) $40, or just for the day (no bed) $10. Registration flyers are on table and emailed. Please pre-register if at all possible. It may be necessary to ensure sure we have enough beds reserved for all in attendance.

LSR convention meetings for this year are as follows:

November 22

December 20th Regional Service Office

January 24th Final Walk Thru

February 28

March 13th Regional Service Office


Danny is asking for help with H&I!!!! He is in need of help going to facilities! McFadden Ranch in Lewisville, Gurney Unit, and Wimberly House in Fort Worth. Please take this to your groups and get the word out to contact Danny.

In Service,

Danny S



  1. CAC Even: Mary D from Irving Group in Dallas Area is interested in the position again. Please take to your groups to vote on. (We need a vote on this.)

Open Nominations to bring back nominees in January to be elected in May. Would need to be present at both RSCs:

  1. Co-facilitator
  2. Money Handler and Money Handler Alt. Jennette F is willing to continue to hold Money Handler position.
  3. Notes taker and alt if we are going to keep an alt position
  4. Communication Liaison and alt
  5. RSOBOD Liaison, BOB is willing to continue to hold position if no one steps down.
  6. H&I Coordinator
  7. Pen-pal Coordinator

Please take these positions back to your groups!


Ideas that were to be taken to your groups:

  1. IDEA: To support the Texas Unified Services Project:

The current bid for building the website and maintaining it for 5 years is $1500. The ask is that each Region provide a $400 donation. Next there would be a draft set of guidelines and nominations/elections for trusted servants for the committee.

INTENT: This project is to create and maintain a website and formal communication process for Texans seeking to find and connect with Narcotics Anonymous not just in the larger urban areas but in the smaller rural parts of our state. The primary goal is to ensure that the professionals seeking to find a meeting or connect their client’s with the program of Narcotics Anonymous are more easily and readily able to find us and our meetings._

This committee is an enhancement to the services we have in place in areas and in regions. It is another tool in our arsenal to reach the still suffering addict and ensure that the Texas Professionals can find us for their clients returning from prison sentences or just getting out of jails/rehabs.

There are 2 regions already committed to the $400.00

  1. RSC Budgets. Please take them to your group to vote on.



In Loving Service,


Loretta J

Idea from Region Texas Unified     Fail

Regional Budgets to be taken back to groups for further review


Break 3:05pm

Reconvene 3:20pm

Serenity Prayer



Ross Merchandise Fwacna donate it or sell to the ASO

Mansfield requested a audit to be performed on the ASC bank account. Jennette F and Connie S will perform audit.

DFW Service Slam Tina presented $60 from the event to the area.

LSRCNA Members Services need volunteers

LSRCNA Arts & Graphic& Merchandise need volunteers

Pre Registration $20


ACTIVITIES REPORT: There is a lot to report for activities so I’m going to break it down in sections.

  1. Halloween Party: As most of you know the Halloween party was last night at Back to Basics. First I want to thank Back to Basics for being the hosting group for the event. They were more than accommodating.

The message of recovery was carried all day and those in attendance had fun.

There was only one group that participated in setting up a booth, which was NA East. They then win First and Second Place for their booth. The idea was very creative. The member who provided the booth had to leave early so I will give them their trophies today.

The total cost of the event was $113.62. Unfortunately, there was no food donations and no one brought food for the potluck.

Trophies $20.52
DJ $50.00
Walmart $113.62

Our budget was $100.00 so we went $13.62 over budget.

Art Show: The art show will be this Saturday, November 7th at Fort Worth 24 Hour. At last area, it is my understanding, that we were to discuss the $100 requested for this event today. This is the budget is to provide drinks, and food for the event. As the potluck idea for the Halloween party did not work out we think we should provide food.

Budget: I was not able to get everything printed off and copied for ASC today. I will scan and email the budget to the treasurer tomorrow and copy everyone on it. The requested budget is $200.00 for 2016. This is based off of the 2 events we have hosted.

Calendar: I received a text requesting that I print and bring a copy of the calendar to ASC. I did not receive any other details on this. We need to be clear here guys!! I will not be activities chair next year. The next chair needs to know EXACTLY what the area needs of it. If you would like this to be provided each ASC the budget needs to be adjusted appropriately to cover the cost of copies.

Email: I have never had access to the activities email. I feel that we need to start a new email address, link it to the website and forward to the groups. I believe this is the best solution to help the next chair along with creating a better point of contact for the groups.

Adding to the new Calendar: If an “admin” adds to the calendar, the chair cannot edit events. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

I would like to leave this position in a way that the next person stepping down into service can take over with no problems. The help from this area would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

Mellisa H.


Beginning Balance               $937.30

Total Deposit                       $2,465.79

Cost of Purchases               $1,838.10

Expenditures                       $1,242.84

Ending Balance                   $322.15

Hello Family

The ASOBOD met on Oct 26th with 2 groups present EAM and NA East. We discussed and scheduled upcoming events. There are 3 ASC elected position that are open. The office has been opening the doors with 2 volunteers and 1 board member. We have been working hard to keep literature on the shelves and answering the phone giving meeting information out.

If any group have an event they like the office to come sell please let us know so it can be placed on the calendar. The office does not sell at an event without an invitation.

Orders placed by groups 2 weeks before ASC can be brought here for pick up. Orders placed the week prior to ASC are subject to merchandise availability.

Another payment has been made to the estate of Johnson Recovery Services. So far we have paid $600 of $6,222.00

In Loving Service




Good Afternoon Family!!

The Helpline was found to have only two phones in service. A member donated a phone to the Helpline & the tool phone number was transferred to that phone. At this time Herman V, Jennette F & I have Area phones. The other two phones that were not returned were shut down & locked out from being to be able to be activated on any network, Crickett or not.

Last month’s bill payment was donated and with the service at 3 phones, the new monthly payment will be $77.00. The tool phone has insurance @ $7.00 per month but the other two do not. The deductible is $20 – $250 depending on phone. The phone is pretty basic so I would need to check to see if it’s worth having this.

The current bill is $97.00 due to proration & needs to be paid on the 10th (every month due date).

This body does need to elect a new Helpline Chair. The subcommittee has recommended Cecil B.


Kay N.

Helpline Vice Chair



H&I REPORT: We met on the 18th @ Broadway with 7 group reps present 19 members total in attendance. We returned donated books to the Service office and received a $72 credit. Policy review in the month of December. As always members needed that qualify to support H&I.

Next subcommittee meeting will be Sunday November 15th @ Broadway @ 1:30 pm



LITERATURE REPORT: We met sent all information on the Tradition work book. One group represented EAM



Subcommittee met on Oct 15th with the following groups present, NA East, Prison Steppers, Time to Live, EAM, with 8 members in all. Meetings for Oct. were met and meetings for November have been set as per flier.

Discussion was held about the Metro Madness in last bit of prep, all was well in short Ft Worth won the rope back. Food was all eaten and some great speakers shared strong and new hope. Next Metro Madness will be held in Dallas on Oct 8th 2016. If activities Please put that on the calendar. I still have a few shirts mostly small and a XL with pocket.

We have Presbyterian Night Shelter running with a chair person for one meeting a month, as that makes the position easy to fit and not over burden folks. That said we are now looking for volunteer to step down to servive as a chairperson for the salvation army to meet on Wednesday nights.

Prison Steppers are in need of a bilingual person to help in meetings in the FT Worth F.C.I as they have started a Spanish meeting, this would be be for Wednesday night.

As always please share with your groups, because not all of the groups have reps for Outreach, to let your group know where Outreach trips are going. Help get a newcomer in your group get started in service. It is fun and easy and gets you out to get to know more people. We need more people to get involved with just going out on Posse trips. Just going to meetings no clean time required.

My time as chair has come to an end and it is time I move to a new position, it has been an honor and a privilege and I feel it in my heart that Trina M will serve as a chair, I will continue to be a part of the posse, NO Matter What!


Dusty T

PI REPORT: Needing people to help with CPS presentation.

WEB SERVICE REPORT: Web Service Committee Met on Oct 11th at 4PM at Step One


Bob N. from 24 Hour volunteered to maintain the area meeting schedule as well as printing the schedules, this was approved by the committee.


Also discussed was Bob N. from 24 Hour group having access to the area web site as a backup webmaster, in the event that I am unable to get to a time sensitive update, this was also approved.


Also discussed was the current arrangement with the hosting for the area web site. The site has been moved and running on my company web server for about the past 3-4 months, a performance improvement has been seen by doing this “experiment.”


I’ve also made a change to the front page of the site, a list of the next 10 upcoming events in the area is now at the bottom of the front page, and my hope is that this will help with attendance at area events.






Break 4:40pm

Reconvene 4:50pm

Serenity Prayer


Revisited treasurer, is suggested to pay all back money to trusted servant and full budgets to all subcommittees. Passed


Old Business:

Motion for change in Policy     Tabled till next month


New Business:

Area subcommittee budgets to be brought back next month.


Activities: No nomination take back to groups

ASOBOD: 3 open position   Connie S. 11/5/08 24 HR

Helpline: Cecil B. EAM

                 Dusty T. 5/12/09 EAM

H&I : Philip D 1/22/12

Literature : Tabled nomination

Newsletter: Take back to groups

Outreach: Trina M. 4/30/13 NA East

PI Bobby A Hope Group

Secretary: Take back to groups

Policy: Take back to Groups

RCMA: Take back to groups


RSC Open Positions:

CAC Even: Mary D from Irving Group in Dallas Area is interested in Position again.

Co Facilitator

Money Handler: Jennette F is willing to continue to hold Money Handler Position

Money Handler Alt: Connie S. 11/5/08 24Hr

Notes taker: Greg K is willing to hold Notes taker Position

Communication Liaison & Alt

RSO BOD Liaison Bob is willing to continue to hold position

H&I Coordinator

Pen pal Coordinator


                                                                                                            GROUP REPORTS    


# of meetings: 30

Average # of attendance: 20

Total # of members: 150


Concerns: All week day noon meetings removed from schedule

GSR: Rick F                                           GSRA:




# of meetings: 21

Average # of attendance: 15

Total # of members: 50


Concerns: Commitment poor

GSR:    Clayton W                            GSRA:




# of meetings: 6

Average # in attendance: 9

Total # of members: 7


Concerns: Low attendance, low 7th.

GSR: Chandler B.                                     GSRA: Amanda G.




# of meetings: 13

Average # in attendance: 35

Total # of members: 150



GSR: Roy Lee R.                                                    GSRA:



# of meetings: 16

Average # in attendance: 40

Total # of members: 148

Activities: Need support at Men and Woman meetings


GSR: Sally H.                                  GSRA: Andy M.



# of meetings: 6

Average # in attendance: 8

Total # of members: 6

Activities: Nov 21st State convention Fundraiser, April 8&9 11th Anniversary, Sept Unity Picnic

Concerns: Need support from area and low 7th Tradition

GSR:                                      GSRA:



# of meetings: 13

Average # attendance: 7

Total # of members: 10

Activities: Will be open on Thanksgiving 10am & servinf food. Speaker Jam Nov 28th 4pm – 12am


GSR:  Bob N                                                  GSRA:



# of meetings: 14

Average # of attendance: 20

Total # of members: 50

Activities: Chili Cook Off Nov 14th


GSR: Cecil B.                                             GSRA: Ryan S.


*Granbury NA

# of meetings : 8

Average # in attendance: 10 – 15

Total # of members: 20

Activities: Anniversary Nov 28th at Group


GSR:    Ross M                                    GSRA: Larry L



# of meetings: 6

Average # of attendance: 6

Total # of members: 10

Activities: We are planning our 10th anniversary

Concerns: We need support

GSR:                                           GSRA:



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                     GSRA:



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                       GSRA:



# of meetings: 26

Average # in attendance: 25

Total # of members: 50


Concerns: None

GSR: Bruce S.                             GSRA: Jay S.


*NA @ VA

# of meetings: 1

Average # in attendance: 6-

Total # of members: 8


Concerns: Stop by and visit

GSR: Finley M                         GSRA: Micky L.



# of meetings: 1

Average # in attendance: 2

Total # of members: 1



GSR: Kenneth H.                                       GSRA: OPEN



# of meetings: 7

Average # of attendance: 10

Total # of members: 15

Activities: February 20th Texas State Convention Fundraiser


GSR: Jacob C.                                              GSRA: Christian H.



# of meetings:7

Average # in attendance:10

Total # of members:20



GSR:                                                GSRA:



# of meetings:6

Average # in attendance: 14

Total # of members: 25

Activities: Anniversary on June 27, 2015


GSR: Charlie T.                                             GSRA: Victor W.



# of meetings :

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                               GSRA: .



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                           GSRA:



# of meetings: 4

Average # in attendance: 24

Total # of members: 14


Concerns: None

GSR: Cory L.                                                GSRA: Johnny H.



# of meetings:

Average # of attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                            GSRA:



# of meetings: 14

Average # attendance: 20

Total # of members: 25

Activities: We will be open all day Thanksgiving and Christmas


GSR: Ron H                                        GSRA: Murray



Next ASC :

Date: December 6th , 2015

Hosting Group: Point of Freedom @1:30 pm


Close: 6:30pm