October 2015 ASC




Date: October 4, 2015

Hosting Group: Mansfield



OPEN:2: 03pm




12 CONCEPTS: Dustin





ROLL CALL: 13 groups present


Beginning Statement Balance (EOM September 2015)


Group donations $1,106.00


Total Deposit $1,106.00



AT&T (Helpline phone) $200.00

Aug/Sept Monthly Bank Service Charge $30.00

RSC donation $518.29

WSO donation

Outreach gas $130.00

Helpline Cricket $200.00


H&I literature $300.00

PI literature $24.00

Storage $31.48

Total FWASO $355.48

Total Expenditures $1,433.77

Ending Balance $73.24

Less Prudent Reserve ($300.00)

Available Balance ($266.76)

This past two months have been a challenge to say the least. As you can see, the numbers don’t quite “add up”. I recorded a deposit of $758.22 twice. This caused the account to go negative and insufficient funds fees totaling $177.00 less a refund of one fee (-38.00) so the NSF totaled $139.00. The payment to AT&T for the Helpline hard phone was returned, I called & made a payment arrangement & took care of that October 3 for $65.00. There is a late fee of $4.65 & returned payment fee of $30.00 on the current bill. The Crickett bill was paid on September 8th so there was no disruption of service for Helpline. AT&T and Crickett will be paid for current billing this week. An email was sent to the group GSRs on September 10th. The only outstanding item at this time is a check for $100.00 to Activities. I am very sorry that I caused this to happen. The steps I have made to prevent this from happening again include checking the account regularly through online access so any possible errors can be caught in a timely manner.

ILS, Kay N.


7th Tradition Passed


Motion # Pay out of pocket expenses to trusted servants then who cannot wait, subcommittee budget. PASSEED


Break 2:45-3:05pm


Chair Report: Herman V. –

Vice Chair Report: Jennette F. –

Policy Report: Rob M.-

RCM TEAM Report: – Loretta J. & Thom L.

Hello family! As you all know we did attend RSC September 19-20, 2015. There are some things to bring back and we need all GSRs to take back to your groups. At RSC, we had 4 of 9 areas present, and a total of 18 members present during Saturday morning roll call.

The RSOBOD Chair was present with a report. The question was brought up about the guidelines for LSRCNA on when RSC would receive them for review. Seems to be some confusion about who is supposed to approve them, and it was definitely cleared up that the BOD had nothing to do with the policy for the convention, and that they do come back to RSC for approval. There were 2 areas that asked about the back order issues that happen on literature and key tags. He agreed to look into it as well as encouraged the areas to email JT when there is a backorder.

Heart of Texas Area (HOT) has a new group in Killeen that quickly went from 1meeting a week to 4 meetings a week. They seem to be experiencing a situation where all the subcommittee chairs are MIA for 2-3 months. No explanation known on why. They are currently carrying 7 H&I meetings weekly.

Rose City Area has been doing workshops on many topics including disruptive behaviors. They have been having fun and learning with the workshops. Upcoming event is annual Area Campout at Lake Jacksonville on the weekend of October 9, 10th and 11th

The resignation letter from the previous Money Handler has been received and audit completed.

The RD Team went to SZF in July in Lexington, KY, and was surprised with the fact that SZF for January 2016 will be held in our region. THE CAR WILL BE DISCUSSED AT THIS FORUM! Plus, it is in our backdoor! This is such a great opportunity for everyone to be in attendance. It will be held at Town East group in McKinney on January 23-24, 2016. It has also been discovered that the regional information has not been getting updated to NAWS in quite some time. Just one of the many situations were those stepping out do not effectively mentor those stepping in. This will be corrected promptly. As a reminder, Regional Assembly is scheduled February 26-28, 2016. This would be the perfect time for all to learn and understand what the CAR is asking from our members. Every member has a voice and this is how we get our voice. We cannot complain about decisions made if we do not participate! This year’s registration for the Assembly is as follows: for whole weekend (including bed) $40, or just for the day (no bed) $10. Registration flyers are on table and emailed. Please pre-register if at all possible. It may be necessary to ensure sure we have enough beds reserved for all in attendance.

Communication Liaison reports that he is steadily learning and working on Grasshopper and with web servant to help our communication abilities to be stronger. He is more than willing to post any of our groups or area activities on the LSR website. There are some requirements: no names for anonymity purpose, and for legal reasons nothing about raffle or 50/50.

Convention Chair Report: The next LSRCNA is scheduled for March 24-27, 2016!!! The 2015 convention committee donated to RSC $9,000 from 2015 convention.

CAC Even Report: The Programming Committee is continuing discussion of workshop speakers and have been listening to main speaker CD’s. We are discussing using the same schedule as last year. Arts and Graphics Merchandise is in need of artwork. Hospitality has begun putting together lists of groups to volunteer for prep room and working in the Hospitality room. Hospitality is in need of volunteers and anyone interested may contact Trese P. Chairperson, at 972 480-2591 tpearson143@gmail.com. Member Services can always use volunteers (Huggers and Greeters do not have a clean time requirement). Contact Janie J, Chairperson 972 621-1705 jstanton514@gmail.com. Entertainment is still in process of choosing comedian and is in need of all volunteers. If you have any of the following items, t-shirts, coffee cups, raffle items, BINGO prizes (NA related), please make sure you get in contact with Valerie H. 972 754-9634 valerie.howell78@gmail.com. Registration committee has selected all items for registration packet. We currently have 83 Pre- registrations. Our budget for 2016 has been approved by the BOD. We will be accepting $20.00 pre-registration.

Our convention meetings for this year are as follows:

September 27 First walk thru – Hilton Grand Lakes 1pm

October 25th

November 22

December 20th Regional Service Office

January 24th Final Walk Thru

February 28

March 13th Regional Service Office

Thank you for allowing me to serve,

Mary D. 972 438-6134

CAC- Even



The following units are being covered:

Seagoville FCI is being covered by Sal A., and it is held twice per month.

The Gatesville Women’s Prison has 7 units covered by Malaree T. and is held once per month on the first Saturday of every month.

The Esters unit in Fort Worth is covered by Ross, once per month.

Marvin P. covers The Boyd Unit in Teague once per month on the third Saturday of the month.

The Johnston Unit in Winnesboro is covered twice a week by Wes N.

The Powledge Unit is covered once per month by Prentice S.

The Gurney Unit in Palestine is covered by Danny on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8:15am – 10:00am. We also cover the Michael’s Unit every third Tuesday at 2:30 – 5:00pm.

The Bradshaw Unit is Henderson is covered by Danny, every Wednesday at 10:00am – 12:30pm.

The amount of 1363.13 was spent for Literature on May 28, 2015.

The disbursements were as follows:

Danny received 20 Soft Covered Basic Text, Various IP’s, 10 It Works How and Why Soft Cover, 110 White Booklets.

The Boyd Unit in Teague received 5 Basic Text and 5 Living Clean Introductory guides.

Henderson State Jail received Various IP’s, 50 White Booklets, 1 Step Working Guide, and 1 It Works How & Why.

The Powledge Unit Received 10 Basic Text, and 15 Introductory Guides.

The Gurney Unit received Various IP’s, 1 Step Working Guide, and 1 It works How and Why, 50 white booklet.

The Gatesville Women Unit received 2 Cases of soft cover basic text.

The Gurney Unit is requesting and additional NA meeting from 12 noon to 2:30 pm on Friday. This is for men only.

We attended the Johnston unit on July 19th, and we had 10 members in attendance from Rose city Area and Dallas Area.

Fort Worth Area requested that Danny attend the McFadden Ranch and will attend once per month on the first Thursday @ 7:30 of the month. 48 residents were in attendance for the meeting. There is an extensive background check which will include an orientation, fingerprinting. You have to be off probation and or parole for 15 years.

We started carrying the message to Cenikor 3 nights a week @ 730pm. If you are interested in being of service to this facility, please contact me. It does require and orientation.

If you have a request for a Facility to be covered, please notify Danny with the information for the Facility, so that he can follow up for the meeting time, availability and qualifications.

Regional H&I supports the Prisons, and Danny will support and provide literature if possible to facilities if it is within the Regional H&I Literature budget.

Danny is asking for help!!!! He is in need of help going to facilities! McFadden Ranch in Lewisville, Gurney Unit, and Wimberly House in Fort Worth. Please take this to your groups and get the word out to contact Danny.

In Service,

Danny S.-903-360-1975

Regional H&I Coordinator




  1. Greg K from Central Group in Dallas Area was elected as notes taker.
  2. Bob D from Irving Group in Dallas Area was elected for RSOBOD liaison.


  1. CAC Even: Mary D from Irving Group in Dallas Area is interested in the position again. Please take to your groups to vote on.

Open Nominations to bring back nominees in January to be elected in May. Would need to be present at both RSCs:

  1. Co-facilitator
  2. Money Handler and Money Handler Alt. Jennette F is willing to continue to hold Money Handler position.
  3. Notes taker and alt if we are going to keep an alt position
  4. Communication Liaison and alt
  5. RSOBOD Liaison, BOB is willing to continue to hold position if no one steps down.
  6. H&I Coordinator
  7. Pen-pal Coordinator

Please take these positions back to your groups!


Old Business:

  1. 3 mini assemblies will be held with Dallas and Fort Worth jointly; Heart of Texas Area and Rose City Area in Waco; and Texarkana, East Texas and Piney Woods area jointly. We will continue efforts with Dallas Area on trying to select dates and location.
  2. RSC is covering a total of $170.00 combined for Co-facilitator and Money Handler to attend workshops in Vegas.


Ideas to take to your groups:

  1. IDEA: To support the Texas Unified Services Project:

The current bid for building the website and maintaining it for 5 years is $1500. The ask is that each Region provide a $400 donation. Next there would be a draft set of guidelines and nominations/elections for trusted servants for the committee.

INTENT: This project is to create and maintain a website and formal communication process for Texans seeking to find and connect with Narcotics Anonymous not just in the larger urban areas but in the smaller rural parts of our state. The primary goal is to ensure that the professionals seeking to find a meeting or connect their client’s with the program of Narcotics Anonymous are more easily and readily able to find us and our meetings._

This committee is an enhancement to the services we have in place in areas and in regions. It is another tool in our arsenal to reach the still suffering addict and ensure that the Texas Professionals can find us for their clients returning from prison sentences or just getting out of jails/rehabs.

There are 2 regions already committed to the $400.00

  1. RSC Budgets. Please take them to your group to vote on.



In Loving Service,

RCM                                                                                                                     RCMA

Loretta J                                                                                            Thom L

lorettaj.eam.fwana@gmail.com                                                              1vet.helping.vets@gmail.com

682-597-1439                                                                                                  682-559-6940




DFW Service Slam

Shirts for sale $18- T-shirts

Long Sleeve- $20

Wants to hang a shirt in each group, then after event give it to a newcomer.


Possible Changes to subcommittee volunteers to attend subcommittees to participate

i.e. Helpline: Some are willing to participate but can’t get to Step One for subcommittee meeting

Outer 820 groups not able to drive into town for meetings


I will not be able to attend ASC this month due to a wedding.


The Fort Worth Area has 2 upcoming events. The Halloween Party on October 31st at Back to Basics and the art show November 7th at Fort Worth 24 hour group. I emailed the flyers to the GSRs last month.


We still need art donations for the art show. Please announce this at your groups.


We also need to know which groups will be doing a booth for the Halloween party.


I was given a check of $100 for the Halloween party, which I still have. I was later asked not to do anything with it. Please advise if I can use this money as we need to buy the trophies for the booth and other miscellaneous stuff for the Halloween party. Also, this is a potluck, so bring food!!


We need a DJ for the dance. Based on the budget we have, and lowest price for a dj we could find, we need approval for an additional $50 for the Halloween party.


We also need to ask for a $100 budget for the art show.


I am sorry I could not make ASC to answer any questions, but we have been talking about these 2 events for months now. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have.



Mellisa H


Take it back to groups to support the Area Service Office.


HELPLINE met at Step one on 9/13/15 discussed were n

needing volunteers, changing meeting time, and date. Also discussed was why a person was taken out of rotation. As is the phones are being answered by a live person. Here in ft. Worth we don’t let answering machines talk to addicts, we give them a live person every time. I sent a text to other HELPLINE phone holders asking when they were available to answer the phones and to date i have not received any answers.



Scott G. HELPLINE Chair

Carla G HELPLINE co-chair


NEWSLETTER: To deactivate, take back to the groups.





Hello family!! We met on 9/13/15 at Step One. There were 6 members present with one group rep from NA East. I have contacted CPS and am waiting to hear back from Rosalyn to be able to start our P.I. presentation again there. Kay N. said she would be able to ‘

Help out with that. I did reply to Martin White’s email about needing NA support at their church. I haven’t heard a response. I also

replied to the email forwarded by a couple of members from Ellen Pearce. I call her as well and am waiting for a response in regards to a Safety Fir on October 22. I have included a budget for next year. If there is anything that you need from me personally please

call 817-727-7177. I will try to help the best that I best that I can. I apologize for my absence today. My very dear friend is getting

married and I have the opportunity to be there for him. I will not be willing and able to serve as P.I. Chair for the next term so please announce at your groups that this subcommittee needs your help. We printed 978 meeting schedules this month in the amount


In Loving Service,

Leslie L.



Old Business:


New Business:



Executive Committee:


Assistant Treasurer



Literature: OPEN

Web Server: OPEN




Notes taker:

Notes taker Alt:

Communication Liaison Alt:

RSO BOD Liaison:



# of meetings:

Average # of attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                      GSRA:




# of meetings: 21

Average # of attendance: 20

Total # of members: 30

Activities: AGNA 31ST ANNIVERSARY October 17,2015 starts @1:30pm

Concerns: Need participation @ noon & 8pm meetings. GSR: Proxy: D    esiree R                           GSRA: Open




# of meetings: 6

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                 GSRA:




# of meetings: 14

Average # in attendance: 50

Total # of members: 100

Activities: Halloween Bash Oct. 31st

Concerns: None

GSR: RoyLee                                 GSRA:



# of meetings: 17

Average # in attendance: 30-40

Total # of members: 115


Concerns: We need support for men (8:30pm) women(10am)

GSR: Sally                                 GSRA: Andy M.



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:


GSR:                                 GSRA:



# of meetings: 16

Average # attendance: 10

Total # of members: 15

Activities: We are working diligently lately to restore the groups credibility by eliminating meetings that     have not been supported properly or consistently. The days of doors not being open and mtgs not being     held are hopefully behind us. We are resuming Tues. cookouts stc. Depending on weather of course.


GSR: Bob N                                     GSRA: Open



# of meetings: 15

Average # of attendance: 20

Total # of members: 100

Activities: Chili cook off Nov 14@noon. Anniversary Jan 9,2016 noon to 12


GSR: Cecil B.                               GSRA:


*Granbury NA

# of meetings : 8

Average # in attendance: 6-10

Total # of members: 10

Activities: Date and time to be determined. Granbury NA will be having an anniversary celebration in November.


GSR: Larry                                       GSRA: Ross Mc



# of meetings: 6

Average # of attendance: 4

Total # of members: 12


Concerns: Struggling for members, need support

GSR:                        GSR:





# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                     GSRA:



# of meetings: 9

Average # in attendance: 15

Total # of members: 40

Activities: As of Oct. 2 we have Friday noon meetings. Thursday 7pm is IP study


GSR:                                      GSRA:



# of meetings: 26

Average # in attendance: 25

Total # of members: 100



GSR: Bruce                       GSRA: Jay


*NA @ VA

# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                     GSRA: .



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                       GSRA:



# of meetings

Average # of attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                        GSRA:



# of meetings: 7

Average # in attendance: 5

Total # of members: 18


Concerns: We need help with women sponsorship

GSR: Beau B.                                                GSRA: Open



# of meetings: 6

Average # in attendance: 20

Total # of members: 25

Activities: Outreach no Oct.24th

Concerns: No more Saturday 2pm meetings

GSR:Charlie T.                                                  GSRA: Victor



# of meetings :

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                               GSRA: .



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                  GSRA:



# of meetings:

Average # in attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR:                                GSRA:



# of meetings: 2

Average # of attendance:7

Total # of members: 6


Concerns: We need support please!

GSR: Shanna R                                           GSRA: Lisa S



# of meetings:

Average # attendance:

Total # of members:



GSR: .   GSRA:


Next ASC :

Date: November 1 , 2015

Hosting Group: NA EAST@1:30 pm


Close:6:21 pm