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Fort Worth Area Subcommittees:

Everyone is welcome and needed to participate in all subcommittees. There may be clean time requirements for specific service positions.

  • Outreach — 2nd Sunday, 1:30 pm, Step One (check activities calendar for Posse trips)

  • Activities — 2nd Sunday @ 2:30pm at Step One Group (Responsible for planning area activities)
  • PR (Public Relations) 2nd Sunday @ 3:00pm, Step One Group.
  • Helpline — 2nd Sunday @ 3:30pm, Step One Group (Carrying the message to still suffering addicts through Helpline) Click here to view the Helpline flier
  • Web Service — 2nd Sunday @ 4:30pm At the Step One Group—Updates and manages Web Site pages and (to include Events) Meeting Lists. If you have meeting schedule changes or any feedback for the Web Servant, please send it to
  • H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) — 3rd Sunday @ 1:30pm at Back to Basics Group (Carrying the message into facilities where addicts cannot get to regular NA meetings).