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Fort Worth Area Subcommittees:

Everyone is welcome and needed to participate in all subcommittees.

  • Outreach — Meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month, 1:30 pm, Step One Group 

The Outreach Subcommittee has long been an important service in the Fort Worth Area. We visit various groups in the area to support attendance, carry the message, provide literature to struggling groups and have fun fellowshipping with one another. Please come to the next ASC and volunteer to chair the subcommittee and help our area get back to supporting the struggling and smaller groups in the Area.

Activities —Meets on the 2nd Sunday @ 2:30pm at Step One Group.

PR (Public Relations) 2nd Sunday @ 3:00pm, at Step One Group.

Helpline — Meets on the 2nd Sunday @ 1:15 pm, at Step One Group.

Web Service— Meets on the 2nd Sunday @ 4:30pm, at Step One Group.

H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) — Meets 3rd Sunday @ 1:30pm at Back to Basics Group